Gail Green


Prolific and versatile, Chicagoland artist and writer Gail Green offers delightfully appealing art for licensing. She is also the creative mind behind Sweet PETatoes®, a licensed art brand featured on a variety of products—from craft, pet and party to textiles and gift. 

 While she is best known for her pet and animal art in both realistic and whimsical styles, Gail creates art in a wide variety of themes and styles. She will often adapting her signature looks to fit her clients’ production needs and trending style.  

 Gail has been drawing her entire life.  From the moment she was old enough to hold a crayon, color combinations and pattern fascinated her…as did animals.  Although her first “unofficial” creations were drawn on freshly painted walls and other surfaces when only a toddler, she quickly improved and was awarded a scholarship to begin formal art training at the Art Institute of Chicago by the time she was 10 years old.    

 Gail is passionate about inspiring others to explore the magic of their own creativity. Known as the “designer in a hat”, she has been a highly respected member of the craft and hobby industry for many years and known throughout the industry for her positive creative energy. 

 Gail is usually found working in her studio, accompanied by Ollie, her crafty parrot and his canine coworker, Lacy Lulu. 

Below is a small sampling of a larger library of artwork.


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