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T.S.B. & Co. is a full-service fine art licensing and consulting firm. We represent a select group of talented artists and promote their artwork to reputable manufacturers and retailers who create, sell, and distribute extraordinary products to the marketplace.

Integrity and professionalism are our way of doing business in order to build successful brands and long-lasting licensing partnerships between manufacturers and the artists we represent.

T.S.B & Company Welcomes Australian Artist…

Jade - Sarina

Deck - Sarina

Sunset Vatulele - Sarina


T.S.B. & Company welcomes Australian artist Sarina! Sarina’s unique style of painting in mixed media reflects her moods & inspiration….textured, aged & patterned still life, sea scapes and coastal views on canvas and paper. Her three dimensional artworks are truly one of a kind, they inspire and create a sense of happiness, peace & tranquility every time they are seen. Check out her profile page for more information!

Sarina Swatch - Primex.jpg

Dynasty Pottery - Sarina

Snapper Bay - Sarina